"We sincerely appreciate your help in pre-planning the funeral arrangements. This made the funeral easier for all of us. I especially appreciate your professional and straight forward approach to a difficult transition for us. The funeral was a comfort and we thank you for ensuring every detail was covered."

Jan Howard

  • Community Service to our community

    Fairhaven Memorial has a long history of giving back to the community. From annual events such as the Memorial Day celebration to support for local charities, Fairhaven Memorial leads the way.


Community Events

Fairhaven holds several events that benefit the community, and usually, for no charge to the public.

Every Easter, Fairhaven holds a Sunrise Service for those who may be inclined to rise and shine before the sun peaks through the morning clouds.

On Memorial Day, Fairhaven holds a program to celebrate the veterans who have so diligently protected our freedoms as Americans.

In November, we host a Dia De Los Muertos event to help Hispanic families mourn their loved ones and celebrate their lives.

And, during the holidays, Fairhaven holds a program to help families through a more difficult time of year, particularly after the loss of a loved one.

In addition to these Fairhaven provided events, the Santa Ana Historic Society holds a themed tour of Fairhaven and the other cemeteries, to show vignettes of people of interest who are interred in Fairhaven as well as the surrounding cemeteries.

Grief Support

We see so many people come to visit their loved ones at Fairhaven, and recognized the need for a grief support group. With the aid of Reverend Gary Tucker, Fairhaven holds a grief support group once a month. Whether you have been served by Fairhaven or not, we welcome you to join us once a month. The meetings are typically held on the second Thursday of the month at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. We encourage people to attend more than one grief support group, so we have a list of other groups for you to attend. Many of our grief support participants attend years after the death of their loved ones, recognizing the need for support and also, assisting others who are beginning the grieving process.

For other grief support groups, please visit the Grief Support page in the Library.