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Cheryl Wieland Honored With Care Award For Senior Advocacy

Charity Gallardo - Friday, May 24, 2013

Cheryl Wieland, Case Management Coordinator at Age Well Senior Services, is our May recipient of Fairhaven’s Oliver Halsell Care Award.

For the past 17 years, the Laguna Hills resident has been an advocate for seniors all across South Orange County. While their needs vary widely from home to home, Cheryl’s unwavering commitment to helping them achieve and maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle is an inspiration to seniors, colleagues and the many communities she serves.

“Cheryl is leading the charge to ensure that Orange County seniors are well cared for regardless of condition or economic status,” said Marla Noel, president of Fairhaven. “In an era where so many vital programs are being cut, her courage and tenacity is essential to caring for our growing senior population.”

As Case Management Coordinator, Wieland’s job is to ensure that seniors are aligned with the proper resources to sustain a healthy and productive lifestyle in the home. Her responsibilities include making in-home visits, providing educational tools and resources, coordinating meal programs and helping to ensure seniors receive necessary medical attention. Wieland is also involved in writing grants to help local seniors receive important resources such as scooters and ramps to improve their quality of life. According to Wieland, this all boils down to one word: advocacy

“In everything I do, my primary goal is to always be an advocate for seniors,” says Wieland “If something is not right, I do my best to correct it, while also reaching out to other community resources and agencies to encourage them to be advocates as well.”

Wieland immigrated to the United States from Canada in 1984 with extensive experience as a Registered Nurse. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, a colleague recommended she apply for a position at Age Well. “As a nurse, I had worked quite a bit with the senior community but never exclusively,” says Wieland. “But once I started, I realized I found my niche.”  This was in 1996 and Wieland has been a proud member of the Age Well team ever since.

Today, Wieland remains thankful for both her career and the many gifts she gains from serving the senior population. “They teach me so much about wisdom, perseverance and integrity,” she says. “Their knowledge and enthusiasm is what keeps me going.”

In 2013, the biggest challenge is to maintain this high level of outreach amid drastic budget cuts, which have affected everything from transportation and adult day care to nutrition programs. Wieland remains determined to persevere on the strength of her convictions and the support of her colleagues. “Age Well is like a family,” she says. “We always help each other no matter what the circumstances. We can do it!”

She will be honored at Fairhaven’s Oliver Halsell Care Awards banquet in the fall at Fairhaven’s Mission Viejo location. For more information and to nominate a deserving candidate, click here or send us an email.

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