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Staff Shows the Fairhaven Spirit During Customer Service Week

Charity Gallardo - Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Treats and fun abounded the week of June 3 as Fairhaven’s staff participated in a great Customer Service Week. The event is a weeklong celebration thanking the staff for their dedication to the company credo of honoring and embracing each family as if they were their own. Everyone showed their company spirit as they took part in the Route 66 Road Trip – Going the Extra Mile themed events.

The week kicked off on Monday with Breakfast on the Go for the staff. Breakfast sandwiches and drawings for prizes were the name of the day! On Tuesday, the big Customer Service Luncheon served up mouthwatering BBQ from Johnny Reb’s with ice cream cake for dessert. The staff played Guess the Number of Candies in the Jar and a Route 66 Trivia game with prizes for the winners. As always, a motivational speech from Gary O’Sullivan got everyone pumped up to go the extra mile in everything we do for our families.

The awesome lunch was followed up the next day at the Monthly Staff Meeting where breakfast burritos and fresh fruit preceded a visit from Credoman and Credo Genie, the staff’s own Customer Service Superheroes. On Thursday afternoon, Road Snacks in the form of nachos and Slim Jims drew the staff to the lunch room for a fun-filled break. The week’s events drew to a close on Friday with Drive-Thru A&W Root Beer Floats. Each event also hosted a Daily Drawing for Customer Service prizes and the monthly marble draw at the staff meeting had a big winner!

Route 66 Road Trip signs and landmarks decorated all the staff areas. Special posters of staff members who have Gone the Extra Customer Service Mile adorned the staff hallways. The Historical Landmark Employees included staff members who have been at Fairhaven more than 20 years, 10-20 years, or 5-10 years. The employees who have gone the extra Customer Service Mile included past winners of the Customer Service Award, those who’ve earned multiple Customer Service Pins, and past winners of the Employee of the Year or Counselor of the Year awards. The recognition of these staff members helps everyone remember that they can go the extra mile too just by living up to the company motto and serving from their heart!

The entire staff had a great time and the festivities left the staff pumped up and ready to go more than the extra mile for the families we are privileged to serve in 2013 and beyond.

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