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Day of the Dead Celebration Coming!

Charity Gallardo - Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fairhaven Memorial Park & Mortuary will host its Dia de los Muertos Service this Saturday, November 2nd at 4:00 pm at the North Gardens Pavilion.

Dia de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead) is a celebration of the lives of those who have passed, honoring the dead with art, music, altars, and plenty of smiles. It is held on the 2nd of November when tradition says the souls of departed loved ones return to partake of the offerings (flowers, candles, food and drink) set out for them on ofrendas by families and friends. The Day of the Dead is considered a day of celebration, instead of mourning. 

Unlike, Halloween, there’s nothing ghoulish or macabre about this holiday. It is, above all, a thanksgiving of family ties and togetherness, as well as an experience of the seamless continuity of life and death. Often families spend the entire night together, enjoying their loved ones’ favorite foods and drinks and most importantly, remembering.

We look forward to many of our families joining us for this event. Our Remembrance and Celebration will include a memorial service conducted by Deacon Jerry de Santos & Deacon Gallardo from Our Lady of Pillar Catholic Church,  ofrendas, live music, and no Dia de los Muertos celebration is complete without the sharing of pan de muerto. Come join us on this memorable occasion to celebrate those we have lost and will never be forgotten.


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