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Fairhaven Beats the Heat with Fire Safety

Charity Gallardo - Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fire extinguisher safety training is given annually by the company that services Fairhaven's fire extinguishers. Glen from Orange County Fire Protection does a great job teaching the staff about fire extinguishers and the proper way to use them. He's fun as well as informative!

In addition to Glen's annual training visit, the Safety Committee has fire escape route maps posted throughout the building. Each map has fire extinguisher locations and exits marked on them. The Safety Committee also does quarterly fire drills. Sometimes the Safety Coordinator places a big orange cone with the word "FIRE" on it near an exit in an effort to train staff what to do if their normal exit is blocked by fire. It's part of Fairhaven's commitment to providing a safe work environment.

Just remember PASS...Pull (the safety pin), Aim (at the base of the fire), Squeeze (the trigger) and Sweep (the nozzle from side to side)!

Here are some photos of our team during the training.

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