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Micki Souter Honored with Fairhaven's Oliver Halsell Care Award

Cynthia Adair - Monday, February 24, 2014

Micki Souter, volunteer at Silverado Hospice in Anaheim, is our February recipient of Fairhaven’s Oliver Halsell Care Award.

After hospice workers provided the comfort and care she needed in her husband’s final hours, Micki discovered the perfect outlet for channeling her inherent love and compassion. As a devoted volunteer at Silverado Hospice, Micki’s genuinely warm heart has touched the lives of everyone she encounters—patients, families and coworkers alike.

“Micki’s cheerful optimism is a much-needed ray of sunshine in the lives of patients and families,” said Marla Noel, president of Fairhaven. “Her joyful presence is often all it takes to reduce the emotional stress taking a toll on their daily lives.”

For the past three years, Micki has gone above and beyond in her volunteering at Silverado. Although she assists patients wherever she’s needed, Micki focuses her attention on one patient at a time, allowing her to develop relationships with patients and their families on a deeply personal level. She prefers working with Silverado patients receiving at-home care, because she believes the familiar environment is more relaxing for everyone involved.

“Micki is a volunteer extraordinaire. She goes above and beyond the responsibilities and requests of a hospice volunteer,” explained Julie Bynon, volunteer coordinator at Silverado. “She is kind, gentle and comforting to our patients and their families.”

For many hours a day—sometimes as many as nine hours at a time—Micki is at the patient’s side, feeding, conversing, and caring for his or her needs. It’s all part of her personal belief that no matter their condition or illness, patients must always be respected as people. When a patient passes, Micki stays in touch with the family, visiting them, bringing them food, and providing continued comfort.

“I’m just grateful to be the caregiver, not the person receiving it,” said Micki. “To me, caring is all about being there, being honest, holding hands and really listening. And laughter is very important: we have to focus on how lucky and blessed we are. I’m just honored to do it, and the patients and families appreciate it. It feels nice to know other people appreciate it, too.”

It’s no surprise that Micki fills every ounce of her life with love. She enjoys spending time with her family—especially her five grandchildren— and best friends and her boxer dog, and goes out of her way to support everyone, from attending school plays to providing company during chemo treatments.

Micki will be honored at Fairhaven’s Oliver Halsell Care Awards banquet in November. The banquet honors a year’s worth of achievements among the local caregiving community.

For more information and to nominate a deserving candidate, click here or send us an email.

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