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OC Walk to Remember Co-Founder Kristyn von Rotz Honored with Fairhaven’s Oliver Halsell Care Award

Charity Gallardo - Monday, August 19, 2013

Kristyn von Rotz, co-founder of nonprofit organization OC Walk to Remember, is our August recipient of Fairhaven’s Oliver Halsell Care Award.

For Kristyn, offering families support after the loss of a child is an immense objective in her life. The Orange-based freelance writer and full-time mother of three (four including her ‘angel’ Joseph whom she lost at birth in 2004) dedicates herself passionately to OC Walk to Remember, which she co-founded  in 2005 to offer support and help families memorialize children they have lost during pregnancy or infancy. Kristyn, through her vision and compassion, has touched the lives of many families who are grieving the loss of a child.

“As someone with a personal connection to the organization’s purpose, Kristyn makes deep connections with the many families that OC Walk to Remember serves,” says Marla Noel, President of Fairhaven. ”She demonstrates the fundamental nature of what it means to care about others and to make a significant impact on people’s lives.”

OC Walk to Remember’s mission is to provide resources and education for parents, medical professionals, support groups and anyone else who is in need of this type of support.

OC Walk to Remember also gives people the opportunity to receive individual therapy, participate in events in memory of their child and interact with others who share their experience. The organization’s signature event is the Memorial Service 5K Walk and Celebration of Angels, which will happen on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at the District at Tustin Legacy to help raise money for local organizations.

For each family that is suffering the loss of a child, Kristyn shares their pain. “Caring means giving your heart and soul to the people and causes you love,” Kristyn says. “It means reaching out and making a difference in this world. Whether you touch one person or thousands, you’ve made an impact all the same.”

Kristyn also shows an immense appreciation for the remarkable help from family and volunteers. Whether their support comes through donations or through hours devoted, she feels that they helped in making OC Walk to Remember possible.

Kristyn will be honored at Fairhaven’s Oliver Halsell Care Awards banquet in the fall at Fairhaven’s Mission Viejo location. The banquet honors a year’s worth of achievements among the local community. Additionally, Fairhaven will make a donation to OC Walk to Remember in her honor.

For more information and to nominate a deserving candidate, click here or send us an email.

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