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Rabbi Reuven Mintz Recognized for Faith-based Care at Hoag Hospital

- Friday, July 17, 2015

Rabbi Reuven Mintz is the director of the Chabad Jewish Center in Newport Beach, a leader of The Friendship Circle, a volunteer at Pastoral Care Services at Hoag Hospital and the July/August recipient of the Oliver Halsell Care Award. Rabbi Mintz wears many different hats, and his passions lie in making the lives and well being of others a priority during times of need. He also is known for protecting and guiding the lives of others, and offers solace to those whose lives come to an unfortunate end.

“Rabbi Mintz’ warmth and commitment to others are true characteristics of an effective, and selfless, caregiver,” said Marla Noel, president of Fairhaven. “His dedication to the care of others, and his compassion and ability to help people heal, not just physically but also spiritually and emotionally, makes all the difference for those in need.” 

As a member of the clergy, Rabbi Mintz provides a beacon of hope in good times and bad for the Jewish community, and other faiths. Rabbi Mintz also fulfills his passion for helping others by offering spiritual guidance to patients, families and staff at Hoag Hospital, during times of uncertainty and doubt. At The Friendship Circle, he works to pair nearly 200 volunteers with special needs youth and adults to provide self-confidence and a sense of belonging to an often-overlooked community. Through unique programs and activities, including, summer and winter camps, basketball leagues, physical fitness and art programs and home placement, The Friendship Circle provides the special needs community with the environment needed to mature in a dignified and responsible way.

"There is no greater joy than the joy derived through helping others, especially those who need it most,” said Rabbi Mintz. “The pastoral care services at Hoag helps people cope with loss and sickness during dark periods of their life and I’m honored to be a part of this supportive system, among other groups.”

Rabbi Mintz will be honored at our Oliver Halsell Care Awards banquet in November at our Mission Viejo location. The banquet honors a year's worth of achievements within the local community. Additionally, we will make a donation on his behalf to his selected charity, The Friendship Circle.

We are accepting nominations for the 2015 Oliver Halsell Care Awards. For more information and to nominate a deserving candidate, visit: http://www.fairhavenmemorial.com/community/oliver-halsell-care-award or email CareAwards@FairhavenMemorial.com.

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