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1Can I call after normal business hours?Multiple
2Can I call before the death occurs?Funeral
3Can I personalize the funeral or memorial service?Funeral
4Can I pre-pay for a funeral or cemetery property?Plan Now
5Can you give me the names of my other relatives buried in the cemetery?Genealogy
6Do you have a Flower Placement ProgramNo Category
7Do you own the land when you get the deed?Cemetery
8Does Fairhaven have a crematory on site?Cremation
9Does law require embalming?Funeral
10Does your cemetery have a special section for different religions?Cemetery
11How can I place two interments in one property location?Multiple
12How can your cemetery help me find a family member?Genealogy
13How does the process work?Plan Now
14How many years have you been in business?No Category
15I own my cemetery property at Fairhaven Memorial Park. Why should I use Fairhaven Mortuary?Funeral