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Glossary of terms

A box or chest for burying human remains.

Cemetery Property
A grave, crypt, or niche.

Cemetery Services
Opening and closing graves, crypts, or niches; vaults; setting markers; and long-term maintenance of cemetery grounds and facilities.

A structure with niches (small spaces) for placement of cremated remains in urns or other approved containers. It may be outdoors or part of a mausoleum.

Exposing human remains and the container encasing them to extreme heat and flame and processing the resulting bone fragments to a uniform size and consistency.

A space in a mausoleum or other building to hold casketed human remains or cremated remains in an urn.

The placement of whole human remains or cremated remains in their final resting place. A Permit for Disposition must be filed with the local registrar before disposition can take place.

Endowment Care Fund
Moneys collected from cemetery property purchasers and placed in trust for the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery. The state monitors the fund and establishes the minimum amount that must be collected; however, the cemetery is permitted to collect more than the minimum to build the fund. Only the income earned by such funds may be used for the care, maintenance, and embellishment of the cemetery.

Burial in a mausoleum.

Funeral Ceremony
A service commemorating the deceased with the body present.

Funeral Services
Services provided by a funeral director and staff that help to commemorate a life, which may include consulting with the family on funeral planning; transportation, shelter, refrigeration, and embalming of remains; preparing and filing notices; obtaining authorizations and permits; and coordinating with the cemetery crematory, or other third parties.

A space in the ground in a cemetery for the burial of casketed human remains or cremated remains in an urn.

Graveside Service
A service to commemorate the deceased held at the cemetery prior to burial.

Burial in the ground, inurnment, or entombment.

The placing of cremated remains into a niche.

A building in which human remains are buried (entombed).

Memorial Service
A ceremony commemorating the deceased without the body present.

A space in a columbarium, mausoleum, or niche wall to hold an urn.

Outer Burial Container
An outer burial container (vault) completely encloses the casket and minimizeground settling.

A container to hold cremated human remains. It can be placed in a columbarium or mausoleum or it can be buried in the ground.

An outer burial container that completely encloses a casket.

"It was the darkest day in my life when my husband of 55 years passed away. I didn’t know what to do or where to go but I knew I wanted him buried at Fairhaven. I called them and they put me touch with our Family Service Counselor. She helped and guided us with love and compassion. She gave us several suggestions and took us to locations available for burial, and then waited for our selection.

Then she helped us with everything we needed to discuss from date and time of the service to flowers, minister, music and many other important choices. She made a difficult time easier for us, and we can’t thank her and the people of Fairhaven enough.

She has continued to be a great help to me and in so doing we have become good friends, therefore I continue to turn to her for help and advice. I love her for all she has done for me in the difficult time. "