Mausoleum Crypts

In the past, mausoleum burial was associated with the wealthy. Many people today believe that it is beyond their financial reach. This is no longer true. Now it is possible to own a crypt at costs comparable or less than earth burial. We offer many locations to select from within our park grounds.

Entombment involves the placing of a casket into a crypt within a mausoleum or garden court structure. It eliminates the need for a cemetery lot and concrete vault. California has, perhaps, the strictest laws in the nation regarding mausoleum construction. The buildings are constructed with steel reinforced concrete and must meet earthquake standards. The crypts are covered with beautiful granite or marble and each one is sealed and vented. For centuries, mausoleum entombment has been a preferred method of burial.

We have four unique mausoleums from which to choose:

Serenity Garden Court Mausoleum

Fairhaven's newest mausoleum is situated in and among cloistered gardens, with water cascading from a beautiful fountain, creating a remarkable center feature. The Serenity Mausoleum provides the comfort of above ground entombment in a setting that only nature can provide.

Constructed of the very finest steel reinforced concrete and richly embellished with lovely honed and filled travertine or with granite imported from China. The travertine and granite were cut and polished in Italy and grace the building with warmth and dignity.


Bella Vista

Designed to accompany the Eternal Springs water feature on its east side, Bella Vista Mausoleums feature distinctive mosaics that echo the water theme. On the west side, the granite walls are enhanced with beautiful angels and a serene Madonna. Bella Vista is truly an affordable above ground burial option in a peaceful garden like setting.



Fairhaven's historic mausoleum, centered within the park grounds, captures the architecture from the turn of the century. Built in 1916, it was one of the first public mausoleums constructed in California. The corridors feature exquisite marble and granite from Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, and South America.


Garden Courts

Here in a magnificent, time-defying building you will find the Courts of Reflection, Prayer and Meditation. These quiet gardens are bright with flowers, open to the warmth of the sun, and fully protected from unfriendly elements. Here, in sheltered seclusion, families will find a truly impressive final resting place.